I like to make things, real things and designed things, in fact, I am little bit too obsessed.

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 About Me


My name is Yingxin, I landed in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada in 2013 from China, my hometown is a very small city named Jinhua (金华), it is a city famous with its hams. After graduating from NSCAD (Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University), I got a job in Halifax, and became a provisional registered graphic designer. Halifax is a very beautiful city, with its coasts and trails, including picturise winters. I think Halifax is a relaxing city, just like my hometown.

I enjoy bringing creative ideas to life through strong empathy, systematic thinking, and collaborative execution. The graphic design works I do for customers include logo design, web design, and other letterpress design projects. Recently, I awarded a UX/UI design certification.

I’ve been learning bookbinding, letterpress, and box making with Joe Landry at the Dawson Printing Shop at Halifax for 3 and half years. Besides design, I spend my time painting and crafting.

I built this site to post my designs, if you like my design, and have an opportunity to work together, please contact me.





About Book Binding Fox

While writing my master of design degree thesis, my classmates and I were told to bind our thesis into a book form, as a record to be left at the school library. There was no requirement which stated we need to make the book ourselves. At that time, I visited Dawson’s Printing Shop to learn how to make a book.  I become a member of the Dawson Printing Shop and Letterpress Gang. We make handmade books, Utilizing bookbinding techniques,  letterpress, linocut, and box making.
This site was built for me to post my latest craft, design, and bookbinding projects. This blog is a record of my life in both Chinese and English.


What is Interdisciplinary Design, 2014