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About Book Binding Fox

When I was writing my graduation thiese for my master degree, my classmates and I was told we will bind our thesis into a book and leave it in the school library. There is no requirment said we need to make a book by ourselves. But at that time, I visited the Dawson’s printing shop right downstairs of our studio the first time to learn how to make a book. Even though I didn’t have time to make a handmade book by myself in the end, but now I become a member to the Dawson printing shop and Letter Press Gang.
For the years I joined into the Gang, I generally learned some more book binding skills, and also other stuff such as letter press, lino cut, and so on.
This site is built for myself to poster my newest craft, design and projects. Or say, make a record of my life. I will use both Chinese and English to write the blog, maybe.

About Me


This is Anna, landed in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada at 2013. After graduate from NSCAD (Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University), I got a job in Halifax, and stay here until now. Halifax is a very beautiful city, with its coast and trails, includes the view in the winter.

I’m from China, my hometown is a very small city named Jinhua (金华), it is a city famouse with its hams. For me, I think Halifax is a relax and slow city just like my hometown.

So, anyway, I built this site to post my crafts. I will try my best to update the site on time as I am really a lazy person.

Thanks. m(_ _)m



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