First Aid Vending Machine

School Group Design Project – 2015

First aid kits helps people cure themselves, should provide safe and convenient.

The major concept of the first aids kit aims to help people more easily access to first aid and give people safe and convenient user experience.  The first aid kit should not only be a container. It can be much more functional by design.


Firstly, we identified some barriers of using the existing box.  We assumed some emergent situations, which include hand cut, burns, scald and bruise. We also assumed some extreme situations like serious injury, and extreme environment like earthquake and tsunami.  In these situations, the barriers are:

  1. Hard to open kit and use tools by one hand
  2. Confuse using some tools.
  3. Language barriers.
  4. Hard to find in dark.
  5. Cannot use in dark situation.
  6. Arrangement and layout.


The most usage of the first aids kit is scratch or cut on hand. So, successfully accessing the first aid by using one hand is a vital point.

In some extreme situation, the building stop power supply, this small box will be very had to find in dark.  So, we may provide lights by using luminous material or install a LED light on the box.


Secondly, the requirements of the first aid kit are different, which base on variety of legislation or regulation in a given area. So, we researched on the first aid kit requirements in Halifax.  And, we classify these first aids tools in category, which help us to arrange the layout.


Than, after analyzing the research, we come out two directions. First, modularization.  Second, “Vending machine”.


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