Design Project

Energy Monitor Design, 2013

Background Information To create a sustainable community, Nova Scotia needs to rapidly transition away from the over-reliance on oil and coal for energy.  Our province currently has some of the highest levels of per capita pollution, which contributes to global climate change, acid rain, and smog. Since NS Power provides us inexpensive and plenty of […]

Pet Pal, Landing Page, 2013

Logo and Website Landing Page Design, 2015 Pet Pal:

The Drowning Girls, Stage Set Design, 2014

The Drowning Girls; a story of marriage misogyny and murder adapted to the stage of the modern time. Our goal as a Free Lab was to bring to life the characters of this story, and to make them relatable to a modern audience.  As a group we staged a live reading of the play to […]

Design Ethnography: Reinvention the QingmingGuo mould – Serial Tool, 2014

Read these two articles for you to get some premise of this project All about the Mould for QingmingGuo Design Ethnography: Reinvention the QingmingGuo mould Now that I have made a genealogy poster around my grandmother, written an essay from the position of the tool, made two models of the tool, a number of illustrative […]

First Aid Vendor Machine, 2015

The major concept of the first aids kit aims to help people more easily access to first aid and give people safe and convenient user experience.  The first aid kit should not only be a container. It can be much more functional by design.

CI Design for My Eastcoast Experience, 2017

This project was launched at the beginning of 2017 and finished at the beginning of 2018. During this time, websites My Eastcoast Experience and My Halifax Experience are built, together with My Halifax Experience Magazine. Logos and Banners, Mood Board: Color: Orange and blue, represent energy and coastal life. Font: Helvetica   Magazines with designed […]

Poster Design | 海报设计

Poster design, slowly… up to date

Logo Designs

Up to Date. AU Ceramics: AU ceramics is a lively, engaged ceramics community that supports ceramic artists in their studio practice and advocate for excellence in ceramics education and training. AU ceramics is a national, non-profit organization. The logo design is a mixing of mellow ceramics and simple shape, and the color of clay.   JDB’s […]

UPS Store, Content Maintenance, 2018

Business Website Design, 2016 – Present The UPS Store 71: Social Media content update:

Pick Up App – the App that can help a lot senior person, 2018

Try interact with the APP here   Background Pick Up is a project during my study with SpringBoard, on UX/UI Design. What made this project happen is the REALLY BAD weather in the winter of Canada. Thinking about the temperature dropped to -30°C, and the senior person still needs to shovel 30cm’s snow in front […]

Onemc Website,2018

This project is a redesign of the website: The company website is a 24 hour operated business card, it also is an important message carrier for the company. Company website brings first impression and understanding to customers. Therefore, the website is a very important promotional tool and platform for enterprises. ONE Management Consulting is a business consulting […]

Vector House Collection

A house is a place that fulfilled with your memories. It just happens when I start making illustrator for my house that I stayed for two years. It was amazing to experience when you doing that. With this project, I see a lot of details of my house that I’ve never noticed. And it is […]

Lino Printings

Lino printing is a form of fine art printmaking where the printing plate is cut into lino. Yes, lino as in linoleum, as in the floor covering. The lino is then inked, a piece of paper placed over it, and then run through a printing press or pressure applied by hand to transfer the ink to the […]

APP Design: Dog in the Car

Problem this App can solve:  With more people have one or more dogs with them, when they go out shopping or in other scenarios that they have to leave their dogs in the car, people may be worried about their dogs. This App is an alarm system to notify people about their dogs, temperature in […]

Bookbinding Projects

Hoarding Project Promotion – RGD Designathon

About the project The design project was submitted by a local, non-profit medication agency, Family Service Halifax Association(FSA). It offers professional, confidential counseling and education services to enable people to function more effectively at home, in the community, and in their work environment. And also provide a wide range of individual, couple and family counselling […]

Restaurant Menu Design

I had a few menu designs recently, In terms of vision and practicality, both the clients and restaurant consumers are quite satisfied. Let me use this as an example here.

Medical-Grade Skincare Products

I had a few menu designs recently, In terms of vision and practicality, both the clients and restaurant consumers are quite satisfied. Let me use this as an example here.