APP Design: Dog in the Car

Problem this App can solve: 

With more people have one or more dogs with them, when they go out shopping or in other scenarios that they have to leave their dogs in the car, people may be worried about their dogs. This App is an alarm system to notify people about their dogs, temperature in their cars, to protect dogs in the car. According to size,  different kinds and situation of the dog, an alarm will be set for a different time duration, in that case, this app can protect dogs from dry and heat.

Art design:

Using light colors and large buttons to make the App easy to use, make the functions as simple as it can be.

Try the App proposal:

Work to be complete:

To get information(temperature, humidity) of the car, the App may need to get connect to the smart car system or may need a device to make the connection happen. In the other way, with a hardware device, the App may be able to solve other problem about a dog, such as checking dog’s health, locate missing dogs, etc.


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