Hoarding Project Promotion – RGD Designathon

About the project

The design project was submitted by a local, non-profit medication agency, Family Service Halifax Association(FSA). It offers professional, confidential counseling and education services to enable people to function more effectively at home, in the community, and in their work environment. And also provide a wide range of individual, couple and family counselling services, addressing such issues as relationships, parenting and family, depression and anxiety, stress, violence and anger, grief and loss, separation and divorce, gambling problems, substance abuse, credit counselling and other issues that may impact an individual or a family.

The client is looking for a set of brochures that can be put at public library and clinics, and the use of the brochure is to raise awareness of the value of in-home intervention in helping clients with hoarding issues.

After talking with the group, and organize information from documents that the client provided. We felt the clients need more than a brochure. In this case, a poster and social media are all a cost-effective way to reach their potential clients.


As to make the language on the brochure be respected to the patients and their family, we only organized the information from resources the client provided to us.

Hoarders are people who experience feelings of anxiety or discomfort about discarding unneeded items or items of no value due to a feeling of attachment to these items. Compulsive hoarders will equate certain, usually mundane, objects to their own personal identity or even give them certain human characteristics. They may place exceptional value or importance to items that would otherwise be considered trash and feel intense distress at the thought of disposing of these items.


With the above information, we came out the concept of “clean your mind” as the main focus of visual design. The illustration we use for the Hoarding Program is a small person holding a big mass of garbage bags, and the garbage bags was shaped like a brain.


Other than the brochure, we also created posters and social media posters for FSA. For the posters, we are using questions from quiz to define hoarding to bring awareness to the public. And for social media posters, we are using sentences of statements of what is hoarding program and what the Family Service Association do.



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