Logo Designs

Up to Date.

AU Ceramics: AU ceramics is a lively, engaged ceramics community that supports ceramic artists in their studio practice and advocate for excellence in ceramics education and training. AU ceramics is a national, non-profit organization.
The logo design is a mixing of mellow ceramics and simple shape, and the color of clay.


JDB’s Mongkok Store: JDB’s Mongkok Store is a convenience store located at a 70’s victoria style street near University. The goal of the logo is to create an old-fashioned style to fit the street hanging signage, and the logo also needs to be fashion, so that can drag young people into the store from the universities.


Job Pear: Job Pear is a job searching website, using machine learning, Job Pear can help job seekers get the best match of the job that based on their input data. Pear has the same pronunciation with Pair, that’s why I choose to use pear as a symbol of the design. Two pears connect together, to make it has a sense of match. The website is aiming to provide an easy and simple way for people to get a job match, customer hopes the logo made with brief lines.






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