CI Design for My Eastcoast Experience, 2017

This project was lauched beginning of 2017, and finished beginning of 2018. During this time, websites My Eastcoast Experience and My Halifax Experience are build, together with My Halifax Experience Magazine.

Logos and Banners, Mood Board:

Color: Orange and blue, represent energy and costal life.

Font: Helvetica



mhe magazine


Visit the website:

exhibition_画板 1

Posters and Stationary:



My East Coast Experience, and My Halifax Experience are multi-platform brand which includes the website and the print magazine. The goal of these brands is to showcase what makes this region a great place for immigrants to flourish. This website provide a place where the immigrats can share their own experiences in making this region their home. The website and magazine will allow them to tell their own stories of finding success here and — by sharing — encourage others to stay in Atlantic Canada and take advantage of all the great opportunities on offer.

Good job with the design!


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