Onemc Website,2018

This project is a redesign of the website:

The company website is a 24 hour operated business card, it also is an important message carrier for the company. Company website brings first impression and understanding to customers. Therefore, the website is a very important promotional tool and platform for enterprises.

ONE Management Consulting is a business consulting company, the main design goal is to present the ONE branding and keep the site simple, clean, and easy to let customers find their need. ONEMC is a business with decades of years, the new design chooses to use a classic traditional layout to show a stable feeling.

The website with a fixed top navigation, and when it scrolls down, it shows each page. The interface is designed to be neutral with a minimalist design so that it can be matched with any content. Although the design is simple, the brand image of the company is consistent. In addition to the red and light blue color orientation of the elements, as well as the ONE logo has always been in the same position.


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