Pick Up App – the App that can help a lot senior person, 2018

Try interact with the APP here



Pick Up is a project during my study with Spring Board, on UX/UI Design. What made this project happen is the REALLY BAD weather in the winter of Canada. Thinking about the temperature dropped to -30°C, and senior person still need to shevol 30cm’s snow in front of their door, a idea called “getting someone to help senior person to shovel snow” came up.

But after a series of research and talk face to face with senior person, I find out the problem is not only shovel snow, the biggest problem is to get out of their house. Check my blog for my reseach report to see what changed my mind of the design plan.

During the winter of Nova Scotia, roads situations are terrible everywhere, even worse for senior person. Elderly people are troubled by road conditions when they need to walk or drive out to get grocery from market, pick mails from community mailbox, or go to a doctor appointment. With a high percentage of senior person, it is necessary to have a system to solve or ease these kind problems.


What I can do

Design an App that people can post their request for someone to pick up something on their way or drop something off. One point this App should have is to make the App, or say the action that people help other people, playful.


Who the App for

This project is aiming to help senior person to avoid suffering from bad road conditions. The target audience including senior person who not capable to go out in the winter (or even rainy weather and other conditions) and people who have ability to do some help (that can be anyone have a car, or people in the same route).



How the App Work

1st. People post their request (pick up grocery after call and order from local supermarket, pick up mails and packages, pick up someone). Every request should have a time limit, once the poster expires, people need getting ready to do that themselves.

2nd. People accept request and set a time for them self.

3rd. People get “credit” for finishing the pickup, the “credit” can be redeemed to gift, money, or other rewards. “Credit” can be used when people post their request. People who failed to finish request they accept will have some kind punishment, or this can be edit by both sides.


What Features the App Should Have

  • Post and accept request
  • Timer for request listing and deliveries, notification for time limits
  • Awarding system to encourage people to help other people
  • Message system to maintain the helping experience



How the App Will Look Like – Style Guide and App Elements

prototype rev1-30



User Test

As the App prototype is not fully completed, user can only access limited functions. All the users who attended this test know the background of this App, 5 users are attended into the test. Two of them did the test at home, one at his office, and the other two at school classroom.

Three tasks are set for the users:

Set a request: As a new user to walk through register, set up request and publish request.

Accomplish task: login the app, accept task and confirm the task finishing.

Test home page interface menu, such as filter, information and message pop-up buttons.


All users finished tasks. Request publish, and task accept process work well. But home page interface has problems.

The filter icon setting is crowdy and untidy. The second version prototype is edited on this problem. Filters is gathered in a drop-down filter button. In the same time, user account button is moved to bottom navigation, page and icons’ colors are adjusted as well. (Left is 1st version, and the right one is 2nd version)





Other than that, problems still exist. Since this app request poster function is mainly focus on senior person, most of testers feel the icons (50ptx50pt) is too small for them, and without a text name of the filter, they won’t know their meaning. That’s why the texts are added on the bottom navigation.

And as I am using Invision to make the App prototype, the interaction of pop up is still not working really as the way it supposed to be, such as the switch between “message” and “system” page. This is another point that need to be improved.

Hit Here to Try the App 


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